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About ME

I worked professionally for 15 years before giving it all up to raise children and work for myself. Over those years I supported a number of people in their businesses and now my children are older I am able to focus on my own enterprise – helping you. I am passionate about art, fashion, dance, theatre, writing, music, nature, pretty much anything which makes our world more beautiful and inspiring.

I have experience of 15 years in marketing and project management for organisations such as: Sage Publications, The Policy Press and Terrence Higgins Trust. More recently I have followed my love of creativity to help artists, designers, authors, actors and DJs with their day to day assistance needs.

I love supporting passionate entrepreneurs and understand that many of the day-to-day tasks of running a business give little time for creativity. With me on board, you can get on with what you do best.

I will work closely with you and your business to manage whatever you need – from social media creation and content and management to booking event space. From invoicing your clients to managing your online store.

 I run a busy household – I know what it takes to stay on top of everything so I also offer personal services, booking travel, entertainment, making online purchases, on-line household research, booking appointments. Send me your to-do list and I will work through it.

I offer a number of packages including a bundle where you can buy a number of hours to try me out and see if my support helps you.

What I don’t do:

Look after your children, walk your dog, cook your food and clean your house – but I can find people who do!


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